The Foundational Handbook on Improvement Research in Education 

The Foundational Handbook on Improvement Research in Education was a signature initiative of the Improvement Schools Network.  

The Foundational Handbook on Improvement Research in Education


The Foundational Handbook on Improvement Research in Education is a pathbreaking effort to build a field of research committed to producing the practical knowledge needed to advance educational access, quality, and equity. This is research distinguished by the use of inclusive, iterative approaches to analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation to understand and address educational opportunities, needs, and problems grounded deeply in school and community contexts. Designed for researchers, students, and educators, the handbook elaborates the intellectual foundations, explores the organizational and policy contexts, reviews approaches, and examines methods of improvement research. It features contributions from a plural community of researchers with expertise in the learning sciences, instructional improvement, organizational and policy studies, and research methodologies, many with extensive experience collaborating with teachers, leadership, families, and advocates in local problem solving and design.

Oxford Bibliographies: Continuous Improvement in Education 

Published in 2021, the Oxford Bibliographies series on Continuous Improvement in Education was the initial collaborative effort among members of the Improvement Scholars Network to construct a comprehensive map of the intellectual foundations, formal methods, and practical contexts of improvement research in the US and around the world.  

Continuous Improvement in Education 


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Transforming Education in an Interconnected World 

Transforming Education in an Interconnected World is a four course, open access professional learning series that introduces the theory and practice of collaborative, continuous improvement to teachers, educational leaders, family and community members, technical support partners, and other local stakeholders.  

The Transforming Education series was developed under the leadership of ISN co-director Donald J. Peurach in the University of Michigan EdHub for Community and Professional Learning in collaboration with the Improvement Scholars Network. The series includes contributions from ISN colleagues Erin Anderson (University of Denver), Anthony Bryk (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching), Michalis Constantinides (University of Glasgow), Amanda Datnow (University of California, San Diego), Joshua Glazer (George Washington University), Louis Gomez (University of California, Los Angeles), Toby Greany (University of Nottingham), Ann Ishimaru (University of Washington), Hunada Kanbar (Sharjah Education Academy), Dennis Kwek (National Institute of Education, Singapore), Maritza Lazano (California State University, Fullerton), Catherine Lewis (Mills College), Michele Li (Center for Leadership and Educational Equity), Vicki Park (San Diego State University), Jennifer Lin Russell (Vanderbilt University), James Spillane (Northwestern University), Pauline Taylor-Guy (Australian Council for Educational Research), Stephanie Verners (Tulare County Office of Education), Erica Van Steenis (Search Institute), Samantha Viano (George Mason University), Tinkhani White (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching), Freda Wolfenden (Open University, UK), and Maxwell Yurkofsky (Radford University).